What is Finger Practice?

Finger drills are something that should be part of every guitar player’s practice schedule. Having a good set of drills allows you to do everything from a simple warm-up at the beginning of a practice session, to improving technique and dexterity in the middle of a practice session.

Finger drills teach us everything from coordination to increased speed, and there are plenty of drills suitable for all players of all ability levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing finger drills for the first time or are already proficient at performing your favorite drills at 200bpm, the principles remain the same.

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Batiksoul founded by Guge Nugroho.
Most of the wood material comes from the best Indonesian solidwood and 80% is indonesian exotic woods.
for nearly 2 years ( 2012-2014) research how to apply natural dyeing batik on 2.5mm solidwood media such as solid spruce, solid mahogany, maple, and solid mango.
Trials need to be carried out to find out effect the batik process has sound quality and resonance on solidwood instrument.
Since 2011 Batiksoul owned by more than 200 collector, musician and guitarist in the world.

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