Who’s the behind Batiksoul Guitars craftmanship ?

All exclusive instruments, handcrafted by Mr.Guge Nugroho as founder and luthier in Batiksoul Guitars, Mr. Setiawan as batik artisan and Mr. Yadi ( Guge uncle) as carving artisan.

Is batik pattern on your Batiksoul Guitar really processed using traditional batik ?

Yes. We use batik wax and canting to make a pattern and natural dyes in coloring.

Does it batik process have an affect the sound quality on solidwood soundboard ?

No, for almost 2 year (2012-2014) we conducted trials how to applying natural dyes batik to solidwood soundboard such as spruce, mahogany, figured mango and maple. Trials need to be carried out to find out the effect of batik process on sound quality and resonance on our solidwood instruments. One of the unique things from the batik process at Batiksoul Guitars is the process makes the soundboard quality more better and drier. it’s different if we use paint or chemical pigments, will be reduce the quality of soundboard.

What is the average price for exclusive guitars ?

Average price  about 2500USD – 4000USD, Complex and highly individual instruments, with rare exotic woods may cost up to 5000USD and more. To get an approximate price and see available options, you can contact us by email batik.guitar@gmail.com

What is the average price for premium guitars ?

Premium Acoustic Guitars 1200USD- 1600USD

Premium Guitalele 750USD – 1000USD

Premium Ukulele 650USD – 850USD

How to order ?

Please fill  order form and send them to us for further discussion (batik.guitar@gmail.com). If your wishes coincide with our abilities, I will accept your order.

Do you make lefty acoustic guitars ?

Yes, every model could be made in a lefty version.

How do we discuss details of my order ?

If this instrument will be made of woods from our stock, you can reserve some pieces. About 1 months before the start of building we will discuss any undecided details and calculate the final quote. If you plan to use some exotic woods, which I don’t have in stock, it should be paid and ordered beforehand.

What is the instalment plan ?

After discussion and calculation of the final quote, you pay 50%, but no less than the cost of hardware and woods. The rest you pay when the instrument is complete.

What is the building time ?

Exclusive Guitars ( 4-7 Months), Premium Guitars (2-3 months).

Do you have in-stock instruments ?

Sometimes we make instruments for sale. Sometimes we have some stock exclusive guitar and premium guitar in our gallery and our authorized dealer. Contact us to stock availability and visit In Stock on website.

What happens during the building process ? Will I receive pictures ?

I am taking pictures of the most important phases of the building process. I’ll send them to you by email. It will happen once or twice a month, depending on the current phase of the process. When instrument is almost complete I post an album with all these photos. The final photo-shoot will be published after instrument is complete.

I invented my own body/headstockshape. Can you build it for me ?

No. We build only instruments designed by us.

I have some woods/hardware. Can you use it to build my guitar ?

No. I select woods scrupulously and can guarantee the quality of the product only when it is made of my wood. The same goes for hardware. It is chosen and ordered for each instrument individually. Mostly I order hardware directly from the manufacturer. Like a tuning machine for an exclusive guitar, we only use it from Gotoh

Do you ship worldwide ? How much is it ?

I ship guitars worldwide by EMS-Indonesian Post delivered by your local postal service, FEDEX Express or DHL Express. It will be usually it cost 150-300 USD, depending on the weight of the package and your country. Free Shipment only for Batiksoul Exclusive Guitar.


Terms ordering / purchasing Batiksoul Instrument:

  1. No refunds / cancellation of every Batiksoul purchases
  2. No complaining for the custom building time delay,because sometimes we need to refresh our schedule ( only for custom order  )
  3. 3 month warranty after shipment for services and part ( buyer pay every delivery service of the products )
  4. 1 year service warranty for premium guitar  ( Only wood material and buyer pay every delivery service of the products )
  5. *Limited lifetime warranty for exclusive or limited edition guitar (Only wood material and buyer pay every delivery service of the product)
  6. We only use EMS Indonesian Post Express, TNT Express, DHL Express and  Fedex for Worldwide Shipment ( 4-7days and required to use shipping insurance)

The warranty does NOT cover the following :

  1. Any instrument that has been subjected to extreme humidity or temperature conditions.
  2. Any product that damaged by owner accidental or non accidental
  3. Any product that has been customized or modified.
  4. Buyer / owner changed mind after product received.
  5. Issues such as tonal characteristics or grade of wood color or finish.
  6. Product damaged by shipping service.
  7. Any purchased product that has been agreed and is ready to be shipped but needs to be kept in workshop repository valid for 30 days in case customer cannot be contacted for further approval regarding the purcashed product will no longer be our responsible except there is a certain agreement with us
  8. Any purchased product that has been agreed and already been shipped but needs to be kept in post office/custom office valid for 30 days in case customer cannot be contacted to finish transaction and/or do not approve for the process of the purchased product will no longer be our responsible
  9. Product that has been purchased needs to be kept in customs of Republic Indonesia in case customer cannot be contacted, will no longer be our responsible since our product is bound to the law. In accordance of law regarding “The Unpossesed Stuffs” that can be claimed by Republic Indonesia as the new proprietorship. Our product is listed as an economical valued stuff in which our country can claim.

By ordering / purchasing Batiksoul Guitars , you are agreeing to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.

For more information : batik.guitar@gmail.com

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