Tips for Choosing Acoustic Guitar Strings

Choosing the wrong guitar strings despite the high price will not produce the maximum sound. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to choose guitar strings that suit your needs and the specifications of the guitar you are using.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with guitar strings, below are five tips for choosing acoustic guitar strings that you need to know. Check out the following review!

  1. Choose the right guitar string size
  2. Check the tension or tension of the string to be selected
  3. Pay attention to the string material used
  4. Make sure the strings you choose are coated with anti-rust liquid.
  5. Pay attention to the level of height or action of the strings



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Batiksoul founded by Guge Nugroho.
Most of the wood material comes from the best Indonesian solidwood and 80% is indonesian exotic woods.
for nearly 2 years ( 2012-2014) research how to apply natural dyeing batik on 2.5mm solidwood media such as solid spruce, solid mahogany, maple, and solid mango.
Trials need to be carried out to find out effect the batik process has sound quality and resonance on solidwood instrument.
Since 2011 Batiksoul owned by more than 200 collector, musician and guitarist in the world.

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