Three Things You Should Know About Frets

Have you ever given much thought to your frets?

Frets are made in a range sizes, all of which can have a big impact on not only how your guitar plays but also how it sounds.

Here are three things you should know about frets…

1. Their shape affects playing feel
From wide and low to narrow and high – and all possible variables – each fret yields a different “touch,” and in turn, inspires and encourages a different form of playing.

Wider frets (jumbo or medium-jumbo) are often preferred by heavy benders. While narrow frets are often the choice of guitarists looking for a sharp, precise feel, but there can be plenty of compromise in between.

2. Their shape also affects tone
Many players are convinced that fatter fret wire equates with fatter tone. And there could be some logic here. Considering that more metal in any fixed component usually means a greater vibrational coupling between strings and guitar.

Wider frets also present somewhat blurrier, “thicker,” less distinct noting than narrow frets, which can yield a more precise note and more shimmering harmonics.

3. Different fret materials also sound and feel different
Fret wire is commonly made from only two different materials: a “nickel” alloy, which actually contains approximately 18 per cent nickel-silver. (also called “German silver,” itself a silver-free alloy of nickel and copper), and the less-traditional stainless steel.

The former is far more common, although the latter is easily available. Think of nickel frets as warm, round and juicy, while stainless-steel frets are clear and precise, in relative terms.

Done right, the job will breath new life into any instrument.



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