The Bass Guitar and Its Existence

The bass guitar is one of the stringed instruments. Its distinctive tone makes this type of guitar a mandatory instrument in a musical group, both bands and orchestras. Indeed, if we hear the rhythm of the sound produced from this tool is fairly unique. Because we will never hear a high tone, everything sounds low. Because the bass guitar itself is specifically designed as a low tone voice filler in a musical line.

Even so, the resulting tone is very vital in a musical performance. Because the role of the bass here is to set the rhythm or beat of the tone, so that the beat of the music sounds firmer. Indeed, the bass guitar is an important musical instrument, so who is the person who is credited with inventing this musical instrument? Well, on this occasion we will discuss the history of bass guitar musical instruments.



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Batiksoul founded by Guge Nugroho.
Most of the wood material comes from the best Indonesian solidwood and 80% is indonesian exotic woods.
for nearly 2 years ( 2012-2014) research how to apply natural dyeing batik on 2.5mm solidwood media such as solid spruce, solid mahogany, maple, and solid mango.
Trials need to be carried out to find out effect the batik process has sound quality and resonance on solidwood instrument.
Since 2011 Batiksoul owned by more than 200 collector, musician and guitarist in the world.

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