Nirvana Biogarpher Explains Why Kurt Cobain Was ‘Jealous’ of Dave Grohl: ‘He Wasn’t a Freak’

Nirvana biographer claimed that Kurt Cobain was “jealous” of his bandmate Dave Grohl during their time together , because the current Foo Fighters mastermind was a “popular, well-adjusted guy.”

There’s countless stories about the goodness of Dave Grohl’s heart, and he seems to be cemented as *the* rock ‘n’ roll star that even people outside of the genre love to love. However, that same Grohl’s easygoing nature seems to have been the cause of some bad feelings on the late Nirvana frontman’s behalf, as Michael Azerrad, author of 1993’s “Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana” explains during a recent interview on Rolling Stone’s podcast.

In the original release of Nirvana’s final album “In Utero”, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a box set reissue this year, Kurt called Dave Grohl’s guitar part on “Scentless Apprentice” as “boneheaded.” Commenting on the statement now, Azerrad said (via Loudwire): “I thought that was a little condescending, frankly.”

However, that wasn’t the only time that the Gen X icon took a jab at his bandmate. Prompted by a quote from his book, in which Cobain calls Grohl “the most well-adjusted boy in the whole world,” the biographer said:

“I think Kurt partly was mocking Dave for being fairly together and normal. He’s a popular, well-adjusted guy — he really is.

“And I think partly Kurt was making fun of that because he wasn’t a freak, like Kurt. And he also was jealous. I think Kurt was a little bit jealous of Dave because Dave did have his act together.”



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