Marty Friedman Explains One Major ‘Trap’ Guitar Students Fall Into, Shares Opinion on Why ‘Shred’ Mentality Has Been on ‘Steroid Mode’ Lately

Marty Friedman stressed the importance of developing a “music identity” for players, noting how many fall into the “trap” of practicing other people’s playing styles instead of developing their own.

Many creatives would tell you that “fake it until you make it” is a sound approach to practicing one’s chosen art, and music is no exception — after all, the fact that so many guitar greats are said to have spent days in their youth trying to copy Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen backs this idea up. And while Marty himself has been the subject of similar adoration, he tells “Monsters, Madness and Magic” in a recent interview how copying others will only get you so far.

The former Megadeth guitarist, who also has extensive experience in teaching, was asked whether he encourages his students to develop their own style as they learn.



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