Legendary Musician Mus Mujiono

Mus Mujiono was born in Surabaya, March 15, 1960. Nono, as he is usually called, is known as a jazz musician in the country, his nickname is ‘George Benson Indonesia’. Nono loves music very much. So much so, he can play almost any musical instrument. Starting from kibor, dram, guitar, saxophone, and others except trumpet.

Since the sixth grade, Nono has been playing the guitar. Understandably, his father was a keroncong musician. His brother (Mus Mulyadi) is also a keroncong singer. At the age of 18 Nono, who also grew up in Surabaya, was already recording with his band, The Hands.

With The Hands, his popularity began to rise, especially with the song Hallo Sayang. But soon after, the group disbanded. Nono was forced to pursue a solo career. He even produced seven albums.

Nono began to pursue jazz from Jun Sen, a prominent jazz guitarist from Surabaya who was a contemporary of Bubi Chen. From the musician who is also a musical instrument entrepreneur, he began to recognize various jazz theories. At the same time, he also studied classical guitar privately. But that was only to be able to read block notes well.

Nono began to learn the scating technique that characterized George Benson. Nono was attracted to George because of his simplicity. At that time (in the 80s) most guitarists rocked with all kinds of strange effects, unlike George Benson who only used his mouth.

After pursuing George Benson’s “moves”, Nono began to be noticed by other musicians. He was invited to join the Jakarta Power Band. Moving to Jakarta became his obsession.

In 1995, together with Glenn Fredly (vocals), Inang Masalo (drums), Yance Manusama (bass), Eka Bhakti (keyboards) and Irvan Chesmala (keyboards), Funk Section was founded, with Nono on guitar. They entered the recording kitchen and made their debut album TERPESONA. The album was not a success, and neither was the band’s existence.

In 2004, together with the Canizzaro group, they released the album REINKARNASI CANIZZARO, which relied on the song Like Before (with Trie Utami as a guest star).

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