Johnny Marr Shares Thoughts on ‘Indie’ Rock: ‘To Me, It’s All What Used to Be Called Rock Music, Anyway’

However, the feedback created by traditional hollow-bodied guitars prompted some players and makers to try and develop more suitable designs. In fact, both Vivi-Tone and Rickenbacker created what were essentially solid-bodied Spanish guitars in 1934 and 1935 respectively to try and solve this problem. Vivi-Tone’s model used a sheet of plywood over a wooden body, while Rickenbacker’s Electro Spanish was made of bakelite.

So of these guys, and some of the famous builders and luthiers we’ll get to in a moment, who deserves the credit of being the first to do away with the old-fashioned hollow body and make a full-bodied guitar? It’s a question that’s almost as common and as heated as the debate over the best electric guitar player. We won’t take sides in the debate, but we will say that many of the advancements in guitar history seem to have been developed almost simultaneously by different people in different locations. Almost as if it was destiny



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