Learning how to Play on Your Own: Is It Possible?

Most of those who are just starting out wonder whether they can learn how to play guitar on their own. Should you take one-on-one lessons or can you figure it out on your own? There’s no need to worry. It’s all doable, especially with the advantage of the internet that we have today compared to the old days when you had to search for stuff on your own.

However, despite the abundance of content, you’re still feeling lost if you want to get good in guitar playing. Well, the amount of material online can be a hindrance rather than an advantage here. Some of the common mistakes self-taught beginners do are:

  • Focusing on video lessons about tricks rather than basics
  • Losing discipline and motivation due to confusion
  • Jumping from one program to another without a goal in mind
  • Getting too hyped about advanced stuff before sorting out what you need to learn

If you want to learn on your own without a teacher, it’s definitely possible. However, there are these challenges. But as long as you really want to learn, you’ll be good. Just stay on course and don’t get too distracted. Indulge in some tricks once in a while but don’t ever disregard the fundamentals.

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Most of the wood material comes from the best Indonesian solidwood and 80% is indonesian exotic woods.
for nearly 2 years ( 2012-2014) research how to apply natural dyeing batik on 2.5mm solidwood media such as solid spruce, solid mahogany, maple, and solid mango.
Trials need to be carried out to find out effect the batik process has sound quality and resonance on solidwood instrument.
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