Get to know the types of Ukulele

1. Soprano Ukulele

Soprano is a type of ukulele guitar with the smallest size of 33cm. This instrument has a standard tunning that is G-C-E-A. This type of ukulele is very suitable for use by beginners. In addition, its flexible shape makes it easy to travel anywhere.

2. Concert Ukulele

Concert is a type of ukulele that has a length of 38cm. In addition it has a tuning tuning G-C-E-A. This type of ukulele is so in demand, because its size is considered ideal to play. So for you a beginner is very suitable to drop the choice on this type of ukulele.

3. Tenor Ukulele

Tenor ukulele type is one of the 4 types of ukulele that is most often played solo. The results of the tone released by the tenor ukulele are much thicker than concert and soprano. This ukulele measures about 43cm, so the distance between the freds and the width of the fredboard is much greater, making it easier to play.

4. Baritone Ukulele

Baritone ukulele is a ukulele that has the largest size of 48cm. The sound produced by the baritone ukulele is almost the same as an acoustic guitar. The number of strings of the baritone ukulele is 6 strings.



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