Fingerstyle Guitar Tips for Beginners

1. Try to strum the guitar using your fingertips

The hallmark of learning fingerstyle guitar is the way you play using your fingertips. For those who first try it, they might feel a different pain. This is because usually the fingertips of the right hand have never felt the pain of the fingers of the left hand used to press the strings. However, if you get used to it, the pain becomes normal.

2. Doing fingerstyle

This method is very easy to do, you only need to pluck the guitar strings using the fingertips from top to bottom. First make sure that the tip of the pinky is on the 1st string, ring finger on the 2nd string, middle finger on the 3rd string. Also, make sure the position of the index finger is on string 4 and the thumb on strings 5 and 6. Pluck the strings back and forth. Once your fingertips get used to it and become agile, you’ll be able to play with melodies.

3. Actual fingerstyle guitar practice

This is the final stage when you learn fingerstyle guitar. If you have mastered the two tips, you can also play guitar with this fingerstyle guitar. Practice with a selection of songs that you think don’t have great difficulty first. You can get the basic keys of fingerstyle guitar on various sites on the internet.



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