Did You Know Pete Townshend Has a Signature Schecter Guitar?

As a huge fan of Schecter Guitars, I’ve also been super attracted to their various PT models. These are their spin on the Telecaster, bringing their great build quality and modern appointments to a classic Fender shape. Especially a few years ago, when they released these PT Fastbacks with their Filter’Tron-style pickups, I was so hooked.

I personally love to see brands put their spin on classic Fender and Gibson designs. As they often take swings that the original brands wouldn’t. But you know what else I love alongside Schecter? The Who! Pete Townshend’s guitar anti-hero persona has always been so influential in my life. He served the song first and emphasized melody and song crafting above guitar solos and the spotlight.

So now that we’ve established why it’s called the PT let’s dive into the guitar a bit more. Interestingly, Pete outfitted this Tele-style guitar with dual humbuckers for his signature model. Upon learning this, I realized this was the very same guitar from the Eminence Front music video that I grew watching on repeat! Even Roger Daltrey was playing at this point!

Pete has used so many guitars over the years so the humbucker choice isn’t totally surprising, but still it’s a far cry from the single coil Strats or chiming Rickenbacker I generally associate with The Who’s sound. I also think of Filter’Trons in a Gretsch or P90s in a Gibson SG before humbuckers too.

The PT has come a long way from its origins as a dual humbucker Tele for Pete Townshend. The modern-day models are sleek, with different pickup, hardware, and aesthetic configurations that are more metal-focused for the most part. But behind all of Schecter’s great T-style guitars remains the influential shadow of PT!

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