Classic interview: Stevie Ray Vaughan – “With Hendrix’s music I kept listening and kept trying and trying, and some of the things I just stumbled onto when I’d be playing and things would kind of come to me”

Classic interview: In the summer of 1988 Stevie Ray Vaughan had just completed an intensive tour of Europe when Tom Nolan sat down to talk to him for a remarkably frank discussion about his roots, overcoming trouble and finding redemption. It would be his first and only Guitarist magazine cover feature during his lifetime…

What are you looking forward to after this current round of tour dates?

“I’m looking forward to taking about 10 days off to go to Spain and Italy, and then back to the States. We’re going to do a few dates in the States, and then I’ll go ahead and pinpoint some of the ideas I already.”

This record will be the first one that I’ve ever done sober, completely sober, so things are a lot different now and there’s a lot more to see and look at and be thankful for

How long does recording an album take you nowadays?

“Well, they’ve all taken different lengths. The first one took two days; basically we had 28 years to get our first record together [laughs], the second one six months, the third six months, and the live album… actually I had wanted to bring a crowd to the studio, but it made more sense to bring the studio to the crowd, and because of that we ended up doing a lot of the songs off the other records.

“However, we did three gigs, and for some of it Jimmie [Vaughan – Stevie’s brother and a feted guitarist in his own right] was with us as well. We had horns on some and we did several things that we had never done before, then we went back in and chose from what were the best performances.

“But since then there’s been a lot of changes going on; changes in my life as well as other people in the band, and we’re trying to take things at a more sensible pace.

“You know, this record will be the first one that I’ve ever done sober, completely sober, so things are a lot different now and there’s a lot more to see and look at and be thankful for.”

Can you tell me how those changes in your life happened?

“Yeah, it would help me to talk about it anyway. I’m an alcoholic. I didn’t know that for a long time; I had a suspicion for a few years but I didn’t realise that that’s really what it was down to.

“My father was an alcoholic and what I didn’t know, that I do now, is that some of the disease of alcoholism is actually hereditary. And growing up in a family that’s actually dysfunctional because of alcoholism is a lot of it. I started drinking when I was about six and through the years the more pressures and the more things that I have become involved with, it ended up where I started using drink and other drugs to keep me going.



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