Basic Fingerstyle Technique in Acoustic Guitar Playing

There are many fingerstyle techniques that can be used in playing the guitar. Some of them include:

  1. Fingering
    The most basic technique of fingerstyle guitar playing is finger placement. The fingering technique positions the fingers of each hand for different tasks. The fingers of the left hand are used to press the strings on the frets, while the fingers of the right hand are used to pluck the strings on the body surface.
  2. Strumming
    The second basic fingerstyle technique in playing acoustic guitar is strumming, a guitar picking technique that is done simultaneously.
  3. Hammer On
    This hammer on technique is done by pressing the string as the initial tone then followed by pressing the higher string for the tone to be played.
  4. Pulled Of
    If the hammer on technique requires that the second string is a higher note, then for this pulled off technique it is the opposite. After the initial note is pressed then the second note is played while releasing the finger pressure on the first note.
  5. Sliding
    In this technique, in one passage, the fingers of the left hand press the string at a certain fret and then slide it to the next fret directly without being released.



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