Aria Baron Ex-GIGI Guitarist

Aria Baron Suprayogi, the former Gigi guitarist, was born in Bandung on January 16, 1970. Aria Baron is known to have studied music from an early age. Initially, he studied classical piano. At the age of 12, he chose to learn acoustic guitar.

When he was in the first grade of high school, Aria Baron studied with veteran musicians Donny Suhendra, Harry Roesli, and Pra Budi Dharma. Achievements were made by young Aria Baron. He received the title of best guitarist for three consecutive years (1986-1988) from Yamaha’s Light Music Contest.

Aria Baron contributed to the birth of the band /rif. Together with Andi (vocals), Iwan (bass), Abi (guitar), Ade (drums) and Dwi (keyboards), he formed a music group called Badai Band. The band carries the alternative rock genre.

After graduating from college, Baron moved to Jakarta, forming the band GIGI with Armand Maulana (vocals), Dewa Budjana (guitar), Ronald Fristianto (drums), and Thomas Ramdhan (bass).

Baron played on GIGI’s first two albums, Angan (1994) and Dunia (1995). In September 1995, Baron left Gigi to pursue a degree in Communication Arts at the New York Institute of Technology in the United States.

Baron re-initiated a band called NO! in 2000, this time with Eel (former drummer of ADA Band), Adi Dharmawan and base Donny Suhendra. NO! Band did not last long and changed its name to Baron Band, with a change in formation.

Fronted by Baron (guitar), Arry Safriadi (vocals), Adi Dharmawan (bass), Aksan Sjuman (additional drummer for the album) they released the album Baron Volume 01. For gigging purposes, Baron recruited Krisna (keyboard) and Iyun (drums) – both Discus personnel.

In 2008, Baron formed Baron’s Soulmate with vocalist Ary and drummer Jimmy. They also released their debut album Flying High in August 2008.

In March 2016, Aria Baron returned to Gigi. Not as personnel or guitarist, Aria Baron strengthened the management team. But he refused to be called Gigi’s manager, because there was a team working to take care of the band.



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