Alip Ba Ta, a Ponorogo man who is so good at playing guitar that he is praised by world musicians

Alip Ba Ta’s name spreads internationally because of his skill at playing the acoustic guitar. For those who don’t know, Alip Ba Ta is the name used on social media by a man named Alief Gustakhiyat.

Netizens have actually been discussing Alief’s figure since the end of last year. But until now, its prestige has never faded.

Alip Ba Ta stole attention because of his stunning fingerstyle guitar playing. His actions of playing Indonesian and foreign songs are often uploaded on the YouTube channel with the address Alip_Ba_Ta.

What’s unique about Alip Ba Ta is that he never invites viewers to subscribe, like and share – something that most YouTubers do. At the start of the video, Alief immediately jumps into action with his acoustic guitar. Yes, Alief never speaks in the video.

Alief’s flat expression when playing guitar is also a highlight. Another characteristic is that the man from Ponorogo in the video always wears simple clothes: t-shirt and shorts.

Alief’s simplicity can also be seen from the place or room where he recorded his actions. The ashtray, cigarette and cup of coffee placed on his left side where he sits on the floor also seem to be mandatory props in every uploaded video.

Alief is known to work in the Cakung area, East Jakarta. He is a forklift operator, a tool or vehicle used to lift heavy loads. His world of work which is far from the field of music has surprised many people.

Flood of praise

Alief’s action of playing guitar sparked a number of local and foreign musicians to react. Addie MS, for example, uploaded an Alief video via Twitter in September 2019.



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